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1. Implementation of the IPPC Directive (Industrial environmental licensing system) 

CLIENT: European Commission/CFCU Croatia 
DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Development of future environmental permitting procedures, including development of templates for applications and permits. Implementation of a 4 Module training programme on IPPC licensing for authorities and industries 
LOCATION: Croatia 
PERIOD: 2007 - 2009 
SCOPE OF WORK: Technical Assistance 

2. Training on European Procurement Procedures (PRAG rules) and helpdesk on EU procurement 

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: MOB was responsible for a training module on the procurement procedures under he IPA Programme of the European Uniton as per PRAG (Practical Guide). This also included training on ToR drafting and helpdesk for authorities to check consistency of ToRs and supply tenders. 
LOCATION: Croatia 
PERIOD: 2008 
SCOPE OF WORK: Training and helpdesk