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MOBilisation in Nederland  nl


1. Identification, preparation and financing options for industrial waste management investments in Senica, Viscose and polyester factory 

CLIENT: Danube Programme Co-ordination Unit, Vienna 
DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Assessment if integrated and end-of-pipe measures to reduce emissions of harmful substances from a polyester and viscose production plant in Senica. Project preparation (including tender dossier preparation) and assessment of investment financing options. 
LOCATION: Slovakia 
PERIOD: 1997-1999 
SCOPE OF WORK: Environmental and financial audit, project preparation and financing options assessment 

2. Remediation Supervisor for ZSNP and SLOVALCO Environmental Remediation and Action Agreements 

CLIENT: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD 
DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The objectives of the project consists of monitoring of the implementation of the remediation plan and provision of regular advice and recommendations, monitoring and co-ordination concerning the on-going environmental studies at the Ziar site (aluminium industry), ensuring quality and consistency in the remediation works and avoid duplication of work. Preparing terms of reference for studies and works, participation in the public monitoring and advisory group. 
LOCATION: Slovakia 
PERIOD: 1997-1999 
SCOPE OF WORK: Master plan and supervision 

3. Environmental Audit Aluminium Industry Ziar and Hronom 

CLIENT: Regional Environmental Centre, Budapest (1992) and EBRD (1994) 
DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Description of production processes, emission profile (air, water, waste), financial assessment of current activity, market prospects, identification of technical measures for the reduction of emissions, including emission reduction techniques based on best practical means, set up of financial programme. Identification of waste water treatment options, based on best available technology not exceeding excessive costs 
LOCATION: Slovakia 
PERIOD: 1992 and 1994 
SCOPE OF WORK: Environmental audit